Getting the best from your aerial

When aerials at Livingston properties start to malfunction, it can make watching your TV an unpleasant and frustrating experience. Find out how you can ensure your aerial stays working in tip-top condition:

#1 Get it fitted or repaired by a professional

There are not many things that can go wrong with an aerial due to a lack of moving parts but, after being battered constantly by wind and rain, followed by scorching sun, the cabling and connections can become compromised.

By getting it fitted in the right places with the right fixings, your aerial will withstand all kinds of weather for a very long time.

#2 If you think the aerial has moved

Wind causes the aerial the vibrate in its position and so, after a while, the fixings that hold the aerial on to the chimney stack or roof will eventually start to move. If you noticed a problem with your TV picture when it is poor weather, it may be that the aerial is moving.

Getting a professional aerial company to fix the problem quickly means uninterrupted viewing time for you.

#3 You may need it repositioning if there is building work in the area

There are also times when the built environment can interfere with how well an aerial work. In some ways, aerials are less sensitive to obstructions than satellite dishes but, there are times when a lot of building work in the area close to your property can mean obstructions, as well as vibrations that cause the aerial to move.

#4 leave working at height to the professionals

You may not have a fear of heights but going up on the roof to check the aerial is not recommended. Roofing materials, even when they are dry, can be slippery underfoot and on a pitched roof this can mean a fall that will leave you with serious injuries.

Aerial installers are well versed at working at heights, as well as quickly being able to identify where to place an aerial for it to work well.

#5 Aerials at Livingston properties are not complicated…

If you know what you are doing, what you are looking for, the best place to put the aerial and so on. Why take chances trying to fix and aerial to your property or trying to replace connectors and cabling?

Mathers Satellites offer competitive pricing for the installation of new aerials at Livingston properties, as well as repairs and maintenance. Why not contact us today?



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