Aerials Kirkintilloch

Questions about aerials in Kirkintilloch?

If you have, you need to be sure that the answers you are getting are from a local, expert and reputable aerial company. Take a look at some of the questions we are commonly asked…

Can the weather affect how well my aerial works?

The weather should not affect your aerial but, as we shall we, it can lead to interference. Satellite dishes, however, can be affected by the weather and this is why many people assume that aerials in Kirkintilloch can be too.

Both are different structures and although they operate in a similar way, a satellite dish relies on ‘line of sight’ to get the best picture. Thus, when the weather is poor, such as heavy rain, a satellite dish may struggle to capture the signal it needs to.
An aerial, however, is slightly different but it can sometimes be affected by poor weather. This is usually an indication that connectors are loose or cabling has worked loose. Sometimes, the fixing of the aerial stem to the chimney stack, outside wall etc. may have also worked loose.

Where is the best location for aerials in Kirkintilloch?

There is no doubt that the best location for an aerial is on the outside of your property. The higher the aerial is, the better. Most houses, will have the aerial fixed to the highest point of their property which may be the chimney stack or the top of an exterior wall.

Some people choose to put their aerial in the loft. This does not produce a great picture, especially in summer where the heat in the oft can interfere with the quality of the signal reaching the aerial.

When do I need to replace my aerial?

Aerials on Kirkintilloch properties rarely need replacing. They have no moving parts and do not rust.

However, various other components in this simple system can be affected by age and weather. Cables can work loose or become damaged; connectors and fixing can rust in the rain and so on.

I’ve been told a bigger aerial means a better picture. Is this the case?

In some situations, it is not the size of the aerial but the height at which it is fixed to a property that will affect the quality of the signal being received. In most cases, we suggest clamping the current aerial to a higher leg or stem. The case for a bigger aerial meaning a better TV picture is not really backed by results, but we can advise you further.

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