Looking for the best aerials service in Falkirk?

Look no further as you have found it. If you are having difficulty with your aerial or are losing TV picture or quality, call us to find out more about our top-rated aerial service.

We come across similar issues when we are called to deal with an aerial issue. Here we list some of the most common and how we deal with them.

The weather

Weather can interfere with the quality of the TV signal that your aerial is able to receive. In most cases, the issues are short term and rectify themselves when the poor weather has passed.

But, sometimes the weather causes damage but not the aerial itself, but to other small, crucial components.

Connectors can be vibrated lose by the wind, or cabling can be split by the heat of the sun and then rain can start to seep in to the cable. This can all have an effect on how well the signal is transmitted from aerial to set top box, and how good a quality this signal is.

Staying in touch with technology

With all the changes in technology in recent years, you can be forgiven for thinking that your aerial is out of date.

But this is not the case. Aerials on Falkirk homes are the vessel that capture the various waves and so on that are around – and they are able to capture the waves and signals that are currently being transmitted from transmitters.

What may be the problem is the wiring that connects your set top box, if you have one, with your TV. Sometimes, the cables to and from these components are unable to process the increasing amounts of sophisticated data – and neither are they able to do it fast enough. In other words, these small cables could be the weak link in the chain that prevents you from getting the TV picture you want.

Changes in the landscape

It is rare with aerials, especially those of roof tops but, if there has been a lot of building work in your area over the years, it may be that your aerial no longer has a clean line of sight to the transmitter. This means an interrupted or weaker signal.

All aerials in Falkirk may need is a small adjustment but it can make a huge difference to the quality of the picture you receive on your TV.

If you are looking for a competitively priced and reliable service when it comes to aerials in Falkirk, give Mathers Satellite a call.


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