What can possibly go wrong with TV aerials?!

Let’s be honest – they seem an uncomplicated structure and yet, when aerials at Edinburgh properties malfunction, it can make a difference between watching your favourite TV programme or sitting, being bored and frustrated.

However, because aerials are normally at height on the exterior of a building, pooping out and having a look at what the trouble could be is not a viable or safe option.

Do aerials themselves break?

No, not really unless they are damaged in the weather or by falling from a property. Normally, issues with lack of reception is down to damage to the cable or inclement weather.

I sometimes lose my picture in the height of summer. Why is this?

Some people choose to have their aerials in the loft. This protects them from harsh winter weather but in summer, the residual heat in the loft can result in reception from signal to aerial being somewhat interrupted.

This is a short term issue and one that happens on an infrequent basis. The solution is to have the aerial mounted on the exterior of the property.

Do aerials need maintenance?

There are no moving parts to aerials on Edinburgh properties thus, breakdowns are rare. They do not need cleaning neither do they need replacing every so many years. Aerials are the receptacles that capture the signal and feed this down through the cable to your TV.

I’ve noticed I lose my picture when it is windy, why is this?

If you notice that the TV picture becomes poor quality when it rains or it is windy etc., this is because the aerial may have become lose. This is common as many exterior aerials on Edinburgh properties will, over time, start to become lose after being buffeted by wind and rain.

It may be that the fixings need replacing, or the aerial moving to a fresh site on the chimney stack or roof structure.

How do I know which way to point my aerial for the best picture?

Our advice is to always look at which direction other aerials in your street are pointing. This gives the best indication of the direction in which they should be pointing etc.

I want a TV in the upper bedroom floors. How do I connect them to the aerial?

A home needs one aerial off of which all the TVs in the home can take a link. This may mean including a booster box, and a box with extra connectors on the outside of the property. The aerial cables are then fitted to this and then these cables are then fixed to the exterior of your property, allowing a link into the rooms where you need an aerial feed.

If you need more information about aerials in the Edinburgh area, contact Mathers Satellite today.


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