Questions and answers on aerials for East Kilbride properties

Nothing is complicated – IF you know the basics of how it works. No questions are ‘silly’ – everyone needs an answer. For some, the aerial on the exterior of their property can seem almost mysterious. A ladder type design that points in a certain direction which mysteriously and magically captures all their favourite TV programmes.

No one pays much attention to aerials at East Kilbride properties – until they are no longer working to the best of their ability. When they don’t, the soap opera you watch daily may not be on the screen in front of you.

Thus, you will have all kinds of questions and Mathers Satellite have the answers!

Do aerials at East Kilbride properties need planning permission?

No, in the main aerials at most properties do not need planning permission; in most cases, neither do satellite dishes either. There may be some requirements if your property is listed or if the area is designated one of ‘outstanding natural beauty’ etc. If you are unsure, contact the local planning department who will be able to help.

Is fitting an aerial a DIY task? Do I need a professional company?

For many properties, the aerial needs to be placed up high, usually on the roof or at roof-level. Working at height it not always the safest way to work and the roof, even when dry, can be slippery. When fixing the aerial, you need to have all the correct fixings etc. and the finished product needs to be safe and secure. You may feel confident and skilled to do this but even if this is the case, using a professional aerial company such as Mathers Satellite.

Which direction does the aerial need to be pointing?

At one time, ensuring that your aerial was pointing in the ‘right’ direction meant you got the regional channels that you wanted. However, this is no longer the case; with Freeview channels, you can choose via your TV menu which regional programmes you want to watch. Pointing the aerial in a certain direction is now about getting the best quality signal so that you get all the channels that you possibly can. Taking a look at the direction other aerials in your street are pointing will give you a clue.

What size aerial do I need?

The size of the aerial is measured very much like satellite dishes; in other words, you opt for the smallest size that you can that gives you all the TV channels open to you and that does so with the same high level of quality.

For more information and a competitive price for new aerials, as well as repair and maintenance, contact Mathers Satellite.


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