Aerials and satellite dishes? Do I need both?

These questions and others answered…

I have just moved to a new property and there is a satellite dish but no aerial. I have been told this is sufficient to get a TV picture but I don’t understand how…?

If you have an old Sky or set top box, you simply connect the satellite dish to this and through this box, watch the Freeview channels. You don’t need to subscribe to Sky or any other provider to be able to use a satellite dish.

If, however, you have a Freeview box, you may find that you do need an aerial fitting.

Are new aerials at Cumbernauld properties expensive?

No, although there are times when prices will vary depending on what is needed at each property. Beware companies that say they can fit aerials at Cumbernauld properties for tiny prices, simply because their installation may not be great, and the quality of their products can be suspect too.

I’ve heard the reception is not good in my area. How can you help?

The clues are in the local area. We will look for a number of things such as the length of the pole used on other properties in your area.

In some cases, aerials are fitted onto long length pole to give the aerial height so that it gets the best reception. If, however, the aerials are on standard length poles, this gives an indication of how your aerial installation should look.

I’ve been offered a very expensive, state-of-the-art aerial. Is it worth the money?

In all honesty, like satellite dishes, aerials tend to be a one size that fits all. Unfortunately, less reputable companies and ‘chancers’ will attempt to sell you an aerial that they will tell you is digital, or the very latest in aerial technology.

The aerial itself is an antenna, a receptacle that ‘captures’ the signal facilitating its journey to the TV or in many cases, the set top Freeview type box that allows you to watch a whole host of channels.

Can I have more than one TV connected to the aerial?

Yes, you can but it will mean you will need a special box that splits the signal so that more than one TV can have an aerial cable connected to it. You can connect TVs in ground floor rooms, as well as bedrooms and rooms on higher floors.

If you want to know about aerials in Cumbernauld, or have a problem with your aerial or satellite dish, contact Mathers Satellites today.


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