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Questions about aerials and how they should be on your Coatbridge home?

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Most of the time I have a great picture on my TV but sometimes, the picture freezes or goes off altogether. Then it comes back on and it seems fine. Is this my aerial or my TV playing up?

It could be your TV malfunctioning and we would have to know more about the picture freeze and so on but the aerial can contribute to a loss of TV picture, especially if it seems to happen without reason.

It may be that your aerial antennae is loose and, as it is buffeted by wind and rain, it may vibrate, losing its line of sight momentarily with the transmitter. This could explain picture freeze and loss of picture temporarily and then why the picture seems to come back.

Is the best answer to have the aerial in the loft?
There are very few Coatbridge properties that are not suitable for having aerials outside and, wherever possible, we always suggest have your aerial on your roof and not in the roof space.
What can happen in the loft, especially in summer, is that the heat becomes too intense, like a fog almost, that prevents a clear signal from reaching it. Inevitably this will lead to a fuzzy TV picture.

How do I know which way my aerial should be pointing?
As local aerial installers, we have some ideas which way aerials in Coatbridge should be pointing but to have an idea, take a look at the aerials on surrounding properties. In effect, your aerial will probably emulate their position or direction.

Do I need my aerial replacing? It must be 20 years old or more!
Aerials on Coatbridge properties rarely malfunction themselves simply because there are no moving parts. They are a vessel, if you like, that captures invisible waves and signals that they then transfer down cabling to your TV or TV et top box. They will last a lifetime or more.

Rather than the aerial malfunctioning, it tends to be the cabling and connectors that breakdown over the years after being buffeted by wind and rain, and baked by the sun. These small components can be quickly and easily replaced.

Can I fix the aerial myself?

With many aerials on Coatbridge properties, working on them means climbing to a height, not something we recommend – which is why it is always best to call in the professionals.

With a great track record, call the best in local aerial services – call Mathers Satellite.

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