Aerials Clydebank

What could possibly go wrong with aerials in Clydebank?

The aerial on your property is a simple device. It works in all weathers and conditions but, the moment it malfunctions, you notice. It means watching your favourite soap with no picture, but sound or, in worst case scenario, a complete blank out altogether.

The good news is…

… aerials on Clydebank properties rarely wear out or break down.

The bad news is…

… it is more likely to be a component, such as a lose connector or a damaged cable. Even better, these are quite easy to replace and repair.

What impacts on how good aerials on Clydebank properties work?

  • Weather

Firstly, we have the weather. Over the years, aerials on Clydebank properties are buffeted by the wind, drenched in rainwater and frozen over several times. The sun beating down can dry out various components too, such as the rubber outer casing on the cables.

Eventually, these connectors and so on can be eroded away, or the aerial is knocked out of position by the wind etc. This means that the aerial may need a new plate to hold it on to the chimney stack/roof etc. and cables replaced etc.

  • Direction

Take a look at the aerials on properties along your street and you will note that they all more or less point in the same direction.

Unfortunately, after high winds and poor weather, your aerial can be knocked off the original direction point it was facing, leading to some issues with the picture on your TV. Re-sitting the aerial is all that is needed.

  • Landscape

The landscape around our properties changes all the time. Aerials on Clydebank properties are mounted and remain in this position for years, if not decades but in this time, there are new buildings added to your area, trees grow and so on.

It could be that there is something in the way that prevents the signal from following an uninterrupted path to your aerial. But again, this is easily resolved with moving your aerial or maybe investing in a larger one.

Catching signals

Your aerial simply catches the invisible signals and waves sent out by your local transmitter. These waves are then sent down the cabling to your TV, becoming a picture on your TV. They rarely break, rarely need replacing and rarely ‘wear out’.

But the parts that connect it all together can. To find out more, call us now to book an appointment.

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