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What affects signal quality?

This question about aerials in Clarkston answered by Mathers Satellite

The aerial is an important piece of kit. Without it, you cannot watch your favourite TV programmes. And there is nothing more annoying that sitting down to watch your favourite programme, only for the picture to be of poor quality or intermittent.

To find out what can cause a poor quality TV signal, and what can be done about it, read on…

Aerials in lofts of Clarkston properties

Some properties have their TV aerials located in the loft. In some ways, this makes sense – after all, they are protected from the weather which can only be a good thing, right? It will last longer, rain and wind won’t bother it and, if there are any maintenance or repairs needed, rather than balancing on the roof, you have to get into the loft…

It probably works just fine for a few winter months but in the summer, the heat haze in the loft becomes like an invisible fog. The hot air distorts the signal thus the aerial is not able to pick up a good quality signal. What you get is ‘white noise’ and no picture. The it might flicker back on, then go off again…

It can be incredibly frustrating and one that is easily solved with the aerial being mounted to the roof or outside wall. Aerials are made from strong metal, they are able to withstand the weather for years and years!

The built environment

The natural landscape rarely changes but there is one factor that does: the built environment around our properties.

If your home now sits in the shadow of a newly built block of flats, or there is a new housing estate built on land above you, you may find that your aerial needs adjusting.

Aerials on Clarkston properties tend to be mounted fairly high – usually on the chimney stack – and so any built changes in your immediate locality will need to cast a shadow over the aerial.
This problem is easily solved -either the aerial will need to sit on a longer stem or it needs to be re-situated on your property.

Malfunctioning components and fixings

The aerial itself has no moving parts. But what can go wrong and the most common cause of a poor TV signal, is when;

  • the wind moves the stem of the aerial so that it vibrates in the wind
  • rainwater rusts connectors and fixings
  • rainwater seeps in through connectors, damaging cables
  • the outer protective layer on the cable can be dried out by the sun, leading to water seeping in through cracks and splits

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