Aerials Cambuslang

Getting the best from aerials in Cambuslang

Aerials are a common sight on Cambuslang properties but how they work remains a mystery to many people… until that is, they lose their TV or the aerial seems to be broken! With this in mind, we look at some of the most common issues that can befall an aerial and the household that it serves.

The weather

Bright, warm sunshine, snow and ice, rain and high winds can all have an impact on your aerial. The effects may not be immediately obvious but, over time, aerials on Cambuslang properties can be so buffeted and bashed by the weather, that they are unable to pass the information and data they receive via the TV signal to your TV.

The good news is that these problems can be easily identified and repaired too. It can be a simple case of replacing a connection or replacing the cable that run from cable to the TV because the outer casing is split and cracked.
Rain can seep in to the cable, wind can work the fixings loose on the aerial and so on, all culminating in a loss of TV picture.

The landscape

The natural landscape can sometimes present difficulties in aerials in Cambuslang being able to pick up the signal. Invisible waves in the air are constantly being transmitted by the local transmitters but hills and mountains can play havoc in this signal getting to your aerial.

Whilst we can’t move mountains, we can extend the pole of your TV aerial so that it sits higher and able to capture the signal.

The built environment changes from time to time and when there is a lot of building work in your area, it means the ‘line of sight’ of your aerial to the local transmitter can be lost. Although this is not a visible line of sight, should there be an obstacle in the way of your aerial to the transmitter, it can cause an intermittent and poor quality signal.

Again, this is easily rectified with a different positioning of the aerial or an extended pole on which it can sit.


We have mentioned how the correct position of aerials in Cambuslang is important in capturing signals, but some people call us because they feel the quality of their TV picture has decreased.

This means that sometimes, the position of the aerial has moved enough to be out of line. The wind can be responsible for this, as well as a fixing plate that is old and in need of replacing.

Working on aerials in Cambuslang often means working at height – don’t take risks, call us today!

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