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Aerials are not complex pieces of kit and yet, when the picture on the TV starts to cloud, stick and so on, we naturally assume that the aerial as at fault.

When this happens, we have become so accustomed to simply replacing something, that we believe it when we are told that we need a new aerial.

In many cases, this is a fallacy as there is nothing wrong with the aerial but other components. We examine this in more detail and what could be causing the problems;

The weather

Your aerial suffers all kinds of weather in its lifetime, from high winds to driving range to blazing sun. There is little shade on top of your roof which means that the aerial is subject to all of the weather that can be thrown at it.

But, weather can cause specific problems;

  • Wind – wind vibrates things including the aerial on your property. Over time, this causes the fixings to work loose and this can lead to the aerial moving in the wind. When this happens, it can mean the aerial is not able to capture the signal that is needed to give you a good TV picture.
  • Rain – rain doesn’t look like it could do much damage but, it can rust fixings and connections, which means that rainwater seeps in. When this happens, it can mean the cabling becomes damaged and is not able to transmit the signal from the aerial to the TV very well, hence your TV picture is affected
  • Heat – this is especially true for aerials that are fixed in the loft. The air in the loft can become thick with heat, and this leads to the signal not being able to reach the aerial properly. Again, the signal that your TV receives is not of sufficient quality to give a good TV picture.

The landscape

New buildings are built all the time and although you may not think it, the housing estate that has been built opposite your property could be the source of your poor TV picture.
Aerials in Blantyre need to face a certain way – facing the nearest transmitter – and to a certain extent, have an uninterrupted line-of-sight. Clearly, this is not possible all the time otherwise there would be towers everywhere! However, the aerial does need to face in a certain direction and receive an uninterrupted signal. If there are new buildings, they could be casting a shadow over your aerial, leading to a poor TV signal.

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