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What you need to know about aerials in Bishopbriggs

Looking for information relating to aerials? Look no further! As an aerial company with many years’ experience, we know everything there is to know about them…

How big an aerial do I need?

As with satellite dishes, there are no planning regulations that stipulate how big or small an aerial should be. What planning actually says is that you should use the smallest aerial possible that supplies the best picture.

It doesn’t necessarily follow that a larger aerial means a better picture but in some areas, especially rural spots, s bigger aerial may be needed in order to effectively capture the signal.

How tall does the aerial need to be?

In areas where getting a signal can be difficult, the aerial can be placed on a pole. The taller the aerial, the more likely it is to come across high quality signals that make for a better picture. This can be the case for aerials in Bishopbriggs where there are many properties groups together.

Does wind, rain and so on make a difference to the picture I receive on my TV?

The only weather pattern that interfere with the TV picture is heat. When the sun shines and the air heats up too, it becomes denser, forming an invisible fog that can stop the aerial from picking up a decent enough signal.

This tends to happen when the aerial is in a loft. The air in the loft becomes very warm, creating a ‘fug’ that distorts the signal and thus, the picture on TV can be poor. This is usually apparent when the picture becomes fuzzy; sometimes you may lose the picture completely.

With this in mind, we always suggest that where possible, aerials in Bishopbriggs are located on the outside of the property and preferably on the roof too.

If my TV picture is constantly problematic, does it mean I need a new aerial?

No, it rarely means this. There are no moving parts to the aerial itself thus, they rarely wear out. What can happen is that the cable may spit, water may be seeping in, wind may be vibrating connections or there has been extensive building work in the area, leading to the path of the signal to your aerial being blocked.

These components can be easily replaced, the aerial re-sited or placed on a pole but only in a few cases, do we recommend a bigger aerial.

Having problems with your aerial in Bishopbriggs?

If so, you need to call the experts. Call Mathers satellite and Aerials today!

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