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I think I need a new aerial…?

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My TV picture is sometimes rubbish. It goes all fuzzy, then the picture comes back, then it stops and starts, and usually ends up back being a fuzzy mess. I have been told that the problem could be my aerial. I think I need a new one but someone also suggested I get a big aerial. Are these more expensive?
Before you go ahead and buy another aerial, paying for installation etc., you need to bear in mind the following…

Aerials rarely break or fail

The aerial on a property is a simple structure with no moving parts. It is a receptor, the thing that captures the TV signals, and then transport it don the cabling either direct to your TV or to a set top box. As a result, aerials in Bellshill rarely wear out or need replacing.

Weather could be affecting the signal

Have you noticed any pattern to when this fuzzy TV picture happens? Monitor the problem for a few days, making note of what the weather is like. This will give our engineers valuable clues as to what could be causing the problem.

Where is your aerial?

Most people have their TV aerial mounted on the outside of their property; a common place is to fixed it securely to the chimney stack.
Some other properties have the aerial in the loft. In summer, the loft becomes very hot, even if it is ventilated. This leads to hot air in the roof and this can distort the quality of the signal that the aerial is able to capture. We always recommend that aerials are fixed to the outside of a property.

What about the surrounding landscape – has it changed recently?

Building work is common in many areas and although you may not think it, a new building that casts a ‘shadow’ in front of your aerial could be the cause of a poor TV signal being received. Clearly, we can’t move the building but we can put your aerial on a pole or re-position the aerial on your property is needed.

Why choose Mathers Satellite?

Other less-than-reputable companies will attempt to bamboozle you with facts and figures. They may say that your aerial is worn out or old but in many cases, this makes no difference.
With us, you get the best in customer service, advice, products and installation – every time. For more information on aerials in Bellshill and the services we offer, as well as what could be causing problems with your TV picture, call us now!


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