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Aerials on Bearsden properties – your questions answered

Many people have questions that relate to their aerial, as they attempt to understand how it works and why sometimes, they lose the picture on their TV. Here we have collated some of the most frequently asked questions…

My aerial is in my loft. I have been told this is why I don’t get a good picture on my TV. Is this true?

Many properties have the aerial in the loft and whilst this means that no one is balancing on the roof as they fix the aerial to the chimney stack, it does mean that the quality of the picture received on the TV can be a lot less than perfect.

This is more pronounced during the summer months where the heat in the loft space can be significant. Heat generates a haze and although you cannot see it, for an aerial it is attempting to capture signals in an invisible fog. The hotter it gets, the foggier this haze becomes.

This means it cannot capture a high quality signal thus, the information being transferred down to your TV is off poor quality. This leads to the picture sticking or becoming fuzzy. In some cases, the picture can be lost completely. Eventually, the problem will clear but only when the heat has dissipated.

Can aerials on Bearsden properties wear out?

No, the aerial is a robust piece of equipment. It has no moving parts and neither is it damaged or eroded by the capturing of TV signals from the transmitter.

There is a cable however, along with connectors and booster and these can malfunction. Usually, this is when rainwater gets in through connectors or the outer protective layer on the cable is damaged. In all cases, these components are incredibly robust but over time, their strength can be compromised.
They can be repaired easily enough.

Is it true that the higher your aerial, the better the signal?

In some cases, yes this can be the case. It is certainly true in built up areas, where the path of the signal and waves is somewhat interrupted by buildings and natural features of the landscape. In remote areas, the aerial needs to be high to capture the signal, especially if the property is in a dip or a valley.

It may be possible to extend the reach of aerials on Bearsden properties - call us to find out more.

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