Aerials Bathgate

Solution to common problems with aerials on Bathgate properties

Ever wondered why sometimes you have a great TV picture but other times not? There is always a solution and sometimes, the smallest change can have the biggest impact – and it doesn’t mean buying a new aerial!

What can go wrong with aerials?

The aerial itself has no moving parts. It is shaped like a horizontal ladder, with the longer prongs being at the furthest point away from the stem attached to the roof or chimney stack etc. These prongs decrease in size, with the smallest prong being by the stem. There may be a plate at the stem too, also used to capture the signal like the prongs on the horizontal arm.

The signal is transmitted by the local mast. Your aerial captures these signals – invisible and coming at it in constant waves – transferring this information down the cabling that runs either direct to your TV or to your Freeview set top box.

It is this box or your TV that then unscrambles this information, changing it into a watchable picture on your TV.

With very few moving parts, there is little that can go wrong with aerials on Bathgate properties.

  • Intermittent picture

If you are suffering from an intermittent picture, is there a pattern to this? Your immediate answer might be no but think about it – do you lose a picture when the weather is bad?
If you do, it may mean that certain components have worked lose or water is managing the enter the cables causing a loss of connection. This will be easily spotted by one of our engineers and can easily be repaired with new connections, cabling and so on.

Your aerial is fine; it is the connection from aerial to your TV that is the problem.

  • Poor quality picture

TVs have become ever more sophisticated and sometimes, it is not the aerial nor the TV but other peripheral items that may not be of the same high quality. For example, if you had a HD TV, are the connecting cable from set top box to TV capable of carrying this amount of information?
Sometimes, it is not the aerial that is at fault at all.

  • Summer time problems

We get calls from people in the summer who tells us that their TV picture is non-existent on a hot day.

We find that some aerials at Bathgate properties are located in the loft and this is not the best place for an aerial. The heat in the loft becomes hot on a warm summer’s day, distorting the path of the signal from transmitter to aerial.

We always suggest that aerials at Bathgate properties are mounted to the outside of the property.

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