Aerials Airdrie

Getting the lowdown on aerials in Airdrie – what you need to know

Aerials are not necessarily complex or complicated and yet, they seem a little mysterious. After all, they sit a-top of your roof, capturing all kinds of invisible signals and waves, somehow making sense of it all and ‘converting’ it into a moving picture, with sound on your TV.

You probably don’t give your aerial much thought until your TV tells you aerial signal is lost or it of poor quality, too poor to be able to give you the clear picture you need to watch your favourite soap opera or mini-crime serial.

Thus, people assume that once they start getting these ‘there is a problem with your aerial’ messages that it means investing in a new aerial. However, we can show you that this is not always the case.

Did you know…?

that trees and buildings can affect the quality of the signal that your aerial picks up?

When you first moved in to your property and had the aerial fixed on your roof, the surrounding landscape could have looked very different. For example, the tree in the garden may not have been so tall and the recent development in your area has meant more properties and so on, being built.

It may be that trees and buildings close to your property are interrupting the path signal from the transmitter to your aerial. This means the quality of the signal is poorer and may be affecting the overall quality of your TV picture too.

The solution is to have your aerial re-located on your property so that it once again has the ling of sight it needs to capture the best quality signal (and NOT to chop any trees down!).

… that your cables in your property may be out-of-date?

You wouldn’t think that cables go out-of-date but they can! Just think of how much TV has changed over the years. Not so long ago, or so it seems, we have three or four main channels, with transmissions ending at midnight, if not earlier. The TV picture was black and white, and neither was it the best quality.

Then along came colour TV, then the TV sets themselves changed and now the signal being used to transmit the TV signal has changed. We have set top boxes, cable and satellite TV and round-the-clock- TV programmes from all over the world.
And with 4K TV on the horizon, it may be you have a great aerial and a brilliant, compatible TV but the cabling from set top box to TV may be unable to cope with the sophisticated data it is now being asked to process.

Need help with aerials in Airdrie? Call the best – call Mathers Satellite.

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