Aerial Installation Kilmarnock
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Mathers Satellite and Security offer an aerial installation service to the Kilmarnock area.

The 10 things you need to know about aerials in Kilmarnock

Are you mystified as to whether you should opt for a satellite dish or an aerial? Which one is better?

  • Broadcast signals are superior to both cable and satellite – over-the-air-television, sometimes known as OTA, is what you receive through your Freeview box. Many people think that this is an inferior means of receiving TV and the quality of the signal will not as good. This is not the case; aerials in Kilmarnock offer great signal quality for OTA TV.
  • More channels – many regional programmes are offered by broadcast stations that you may not find on satellite or cable. With regular updating of your Freeview box, you can take advantage of new channels for free.
  • All major networks transmit via OTA – for those with aerials in Kilmarnock, they are not missing out on any programmes offered by the major networks and they have a range of free channels from which to choose
  • Uncompressed signal – satellite and cable have to compress their signal which can interfere with signal quality and therefore the quality of TV picture that you receive. Aerials in Kilmarnock offer a great picture as there is no need to compress the signal.
  • Channels and sub-channels – each broadcast stations sends out a signal on a frequency, known as a channel. Within this frequency will be many sub-channels and these means there may be simultaneous broadcasting and programmes.
  • Aerials complement satellite and cable – just because you have a satellite dish, doesn’t mean you cannot have an aerial.
  • Every set up is different – with aerials on Kilmarnock properties, it pays to contact a local aerial company who are knowledge about satellite, cable and antennae aerials. 
  • The local environment can impact on signal quality – trees, buildings and hills etc. can bend and distort a signal, especially if the line of sight to your aerial is compromised. The positioning of aerials in Kilmarnock will need to take this into account.
  • Aerial and set top box – unless you have purchased a smart TV with Freeview included, to view OTA TV you will need an aerial and a Freeview set top box.
  • Get the right aerial – there is no magic aerial! They come in different, shapes and sizes all of which are needed in some situations.

If you are unsure about your aerial or if you don’t feel it is working to the best of its ability, please contact Mathers Satellite and Security today.

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