Aerial Installation Irvine
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Mathers Satellite and Security offer an aerial installation service to the Irvine area.

Aerials for Hamilton customers – everything you need to know

Aerials for receiving a TV signal are not overly complex pieces of equipment and yet, they can seem like a mystery, operating in a way that is both silent and undetected.

What can go wrong with an aerial?

There are very few moving parts and thus, the possibility of the aerial itself malfunctioning is fairly low. What can happen though, is that the aerial is buffeted by the wind and rain and can lead to a fault with cabling.

How does weather affect aerials in IRVINE?

Strong winds can cause the fixings on an aerial to work lose and over time, the vibrations will cause the aerial to move.

Rain can also find its way in to connectors and so on, causing some issues with the picture you see on your TV.

Sun can also impact on the cabling, especially the outer casing of the. It can become dry and crack which can lead to rain water seeping in.

Does this mean an aerial will need to be replaced?

Not necessarily. What it tends to mean is that the cabling and connectors will need to be checked and if they are found to be faulty or in need of repair, we usually recommend that they are replaced.

This does not take too long and neither is it expensive.

Can I put the aerial in the loft, rather than fixing it on to the roof?

We usually recommend that for the best picture and signal receiving capabilities of an aerial, that aerials in Irvine are fixed to the roof. Aerials in lofts tend to receive signals less well.

Having said that, the digital switch over in recent years have meant that the signal is stronger which has led to some people being able to receive a good enough signal to an aerial in the loft.

How do I know which way my aerial should be pointing?

Aerial position is important when it comes to ensuring you get the best signal thus, taking note of chimney stacks and other barriers is critical, otherwise you may find the picture on your TV is not as good as you thought.

In terms of the direction in which it is pointing, as well as taking note of the direction other aerials in your Irvine street are facing, we also measure the quality of your signal too. This ensures you get the best possible picture.

Are aerial services expensive?

Not when you call Mathers Satellite! We provide a high quality service to all our customers so if you think there is a problem with your aerial, call us.

Please contact Mathers Satellite and Security today to discuss your aerial installation requirements in Irvine.

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