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Mathers Satellite and Security offer an aerial installation service to the Hamilton area.

Will new aerial installations be needed across Hamilton?

The changeover from the old analogue signal to digital started in 2007 and was finally completed in 2012. Many people thought that this means they would need to improve or upgrade aerial installations at their Hamilton home or business but, as you will see this many not have been necessary…

From analogue to digital – what does it mean?

It simple means that the way the signal reaches our homes and TVs now happens in a different way. There is no change in quality in the pictures we receive on our TV. If you have a pre-digital TV, you will need to purchase with a set top box called Freeview or opt for payment services, such as sky.

If you buy a TV today, Freeview is ‘built in’ as standard so you will no longer need to buy a separate box. You simply take you TV home, unpack it, plug it into the main and plug an aerial in to it. The connections and so forth as still the same.

The options when it comes to digital

You will have seen Freeview and are possibly already very familiar with it. This digital signal allows you to watch a whole range of channels, offering a variety of programming.
Paid for services, such as Sky, are also sometimes known as cable and these do have a separate box so that you are able to receive their subscription-only channels. You will also need to look at another type of aerial installation; satellite dishes receive the signal is a slightly different format that the traditional style aerial.

Will some aerial installation in Hamilton need upgrading?

Unfortunately, some companies told customers that in order to receive these ‘new’ digital signals that they would need to upgrade their aerials. This was not and is not the case.
There are many factors that prevent aerials from doing their job properly;

  • Weather – some atmospheric conditions can prevent signals from being received well; some people notice that in still and hot conditions in summer, the picture on their YV can freeze or become ‘patchy’ at times. This is a temporary issue that eventually clears
  • Damage – aerial installations in Hamilton are at the mercy of the elements and thus, when components become damaged they are sometimes unable to channel the information to the TV that is needs, in order to create a moving picture and audible sound
  • Age – there can be times when the age of the aerial can mean that it is not functioning at its best ability but, just because you have had your aerial for a long time, does not necessarily mean it is not compatible with the new digital age!

Aerial installations at Hamilton homes and business should be straightforward, as should be the advice you receive. Why not call us to find out more?

Please contact Mathers Satellite and Security today to discuss your aerial installation requirements in Hamilton.

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