Aerial Installation Greenock
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Mathers Satellite and Security offer an aerial installation service to the Greenock area.

Questions on aerials – answered for our Greenock customers

Do I need a certain type of aerial?

Most aerials on Greenock properties resemble what are known as ‘fish skeletons’. They are a long aerial, with a central spine and small rods sticking out from either side of this spine. These rods are smaller at the front than they are at the back, growing larger in size from the extended tip of the aerial to the base.

This is so the signal can be carried from one end to another, and then down the cable to the TV or set top box.

Do I need a new aerial for the digital age?

When the analogue signal was switched off, many people thought they would need a new aerial. This is not the case and anyone who tells you otherwise is attempting to get money out of you.

Your current aerial is more than capable of capturing and using the digital signal with is now used for ‘over the air’ TV, also known as OTA TV.

I am buying a new smart TV with Freeview built in. Will I need to upgrade my aerial?

No aerials in Greenock do not need to be upgraded when you buy a new TV, even if you are opting for a smart TV.

The only time you aerial will need upgrading or changing is if it is damaged in some way.

I used to get a great picture but know, the picture quality is poor. Someone has suggested it may be a problem with my aerial?

It may that you aerial is not capturing the signal as well as it should. There are various reasons why this may be the case:

  • Weather – over time, wind, rain, snow, ice and sun will impact on the cabling and connectors. Connectors could rust or work lose and when this happens, the signal may not have a clear, uninterrupted path from aerial to Freeview box or TV.
  • Landscape – has the surrounding landscape changed? For example, if there has been building work in your area, it may be that the line of sight of the signal to the aerial is interrupted causing the signal to be deflected.
  • Trees and hills – the natural landscape can sometimes change and this too can cause the signal to be interrupted. If there is a large tree in the way, it means that your aerial will need to be relocated.

Can Mathers Satellite help me?

Yes, we can, we can help with aerials, satellite and cables – please contact Mathers Satellite and Security today to discuss your aerial installation requirements in Greenock.

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