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The digital age – why Edinburgh customers may need to be looking for an aerial installations service…

The digital age is upon us and no longer do we have to put up with picture freezing, or loss of picture due to bad weather and the like. Many customers are taking advantage of Freeview, either through the purchase of a new TV – known as an integrated digital television – or through the use of a set top box.

The digital signal is often describe as more robust that the old analogue one but, new or upgraded aerial installations in Edinburgh may not always be needed.

How do I know if I need my aerial looking at?

You can of course, ask a local reputable aerial installation form to come and look at your current aerial set up to assess its suitability. However, present in this deed is a danger that the firm would be reputable on paper only, telling every potential customers of new aerial installations in Edinburgh that a new aerial is required.

You need to know that you can trust the company to give you an honest appraisal, testing all the necessary apparatus to make sure that it is suitably future-proof.

Professional aerial installation in Edinburgh

Aerial installations on any Edinburgh property needs to undergo a thorough assessment:

  • Our professional team will visit your property and check the system using the latest in digital testing equipment
  • As part of this assessment they will check the local signal reception; from this information, the correct mounting position of any aerial can be determined to give you the very best picture quality
  • The team will also discuss with you the best and most suitable equipment

Any Freeview or DAB reception issues you have been having will soon be resolved with us on the case.

What to look for

Aerial installation in Edinburgh need to be of the highest quality and, as standard, our service includes:

  • A professional and experienced team of engineers
  • High quality aerials
  • Robust wall mounting fittings
  • Durable aerial mast (if replacing)
  • High quality cables
  • Digital signals that are measured for quality
  • We can also install multi-room settings too

If you are looking for an assessment of the digital signal to your property, contact us today!

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