Aerial Installation Ayr
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Mathers Satellite and Security offer an aerial installation service to the Ayr area.

Unsure how TV aerials in Ayr work?

It can seem mystifying, confusing almost as to how TV aerials work and yet, they are relatively simple.

You probably don’t give your aerial much thought until there is a problem. Interference and weather can all affect signal and in some cases, these problems accrue over time.

Eventually, when the various parts and connections are not working in sync, the quality of the TV picture you receive will not be the high quality you want or need.

Single band UHF aerials in Hamilton

These types of aerials are a common sight with some people referring to their design as being a fish skeleton. There is a central spine, with small bones sticking out from this central column.

You may have noticed on these kinds of aerials that the small bones at the front are shorter than those near the back.

The aerial is made of metal as aerials need to be able to conduct the receive the electromagnetic wave that we know of as the TV signal.

When the electromagnetic wave hits the conductor, it generates a small voltage charge. Even the simplest of aerials in Ayr can conduct a TV signal. This is known as a dipole and it is these dipoles – the small rods on the spine of the antennae – that capture and direct the signal from the air, down the cabling and to your TV.

There are others kinds and shapes of aerials but all of them work in similar ways. Their positioning is critical, as well as their ability to reflect or resist interference.

Why is on some days, the signal is better than others?

The strength of the TV signal does not vary but the ability of aerials on Ayr properties to capture and use the signal may.

This can be as a result of many reasons, the most common we list below:

  • Lose connectors and connections – from the fixing plate on the roof or chimney stack being vibrated by wind, to connectors on cabling also being buffeted by wind, when the path of the signal is interrupted, the TV picture is not as good.
  • Rain – rainwater can also start to seep into the inside of the outer cabling, leading to a loss of signal.
  • Sun and heat – the outer protective cover of the aerial cable can sometimes be compromised by the sun and its heat. Drying out the material, it will then crack and rain will find its way in. Again, there will be a loss of signal that can cause the TV picture to falter and then, after several weeks, there could be a loss of picture completely.

Please contact Mathers Satellite and Security today to discuss your aerial installation requirements in Ayr.

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